Goose and gander

Sunday at bat. Monday on deck.

Coming soon. More asteroids whizzing by the earth.

Today, the Globe digs into Essaibi George’s husband‘s business affairs. He’s a real estate developer and would, if his wife were elected, have to deal with her administration over permits and regulation, opening the possibility of conflict of interest. It’s a fair shot. Speaking of fairness, I assume next Sunday the paper will dig into frontrunner Michelle Wu’s husband, also in real estate and banking, to find out how many foreclosures his company has been associated with and how they would handle those city hall conflicts.

Randy Bachman lost his guitar in 1976. The Internet found it for him 45 years later. Taking care of business. Also, a bass comes home.

President Biden recently commemorated police officers killed in the line of duty. He didn’t mention Covid but that is by far the leading cause of death for law enforcement. Meanwhile in Chicago, the police union head is calling for a walk-out over vaccine requirements. I’m confused. But Zeynep Tufekci seems to have a handle on the anti-vaxxers. It’s complicated and the solution will not involve a Hollywood ending. But we’ll get there, she believes.

And you might not have known about the secret iPhone number codes. (Psst. Here they are.)

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