Good news and bad news

Thursday. Birthday wishes to Amerigo Vespucci, Bobby Fischer and Barbie.

Congrats to the team who put the city’s budget together on time and in less than ideal circumstances.

In the coming weeks and months there will be an almost irresistible urge to get back to normal. We can feel it already as the curve is starting to flatten out and a mental cloud is lifting. Economically and politically there will be intense pressure to quickly open things back up. But if we don’t go slow and aren’t thoughtful about the approach we could be back to where we started. The virus hasn’t gone away or become any less infectious and we’re nowhere near herd immunity. The warm weather isn’t slowing it down. It was, and is, being restrained by social distancing. When we stop doing that it all begins again. But maybe we can at least get the toilet paper situation under control.

Japan is going to deliver two face masks to each household. Some people think that doesn’t go far enough but it’s better than zero masks.

There’s a lot going on in this story of how New Yorkers are dealing (or not) with coronavirus restrictions. But the thing that jumped out for me was the $69 veal parm that people are lined up for. I hope it’s a large portion.

And here’s one more bit of fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. The new emoji’s have been postponed for six months.

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