Good cheap fast

It’s a stormy Monday. February is upon us. But not for long, happily.

Sawing someone in half is still one of the most popular tricks a magician can do, even after a century of performances. I don’t know how it’s done and I don’t want to know.

The software developed for the CDC by Deloitte to schedule vaccinations seems to have a problem or two. A no-bid $40 million contract to a consultant with a spotty history to develop a large-scale, critical system in the midst of a pandemic. Who could have seen this fail coming? Usually on a project like this you get to choose two out of three: Good, cheap or fast. All we got was fast. And it wasn’t all that fast. One more example of the problems with government software projects.

A Kansas City Chiefs’ lineman with a medical degree opted out of the season because of the coronavirus. Instead of playing he worked on a hospital ward caring for covid patients. Now his team is going to the SuperBowl. Should he get a ring if they win on Sunday? It would be nice if he did.

Leica lenses are not cheap but their value ages well. If you bought a Noctilux for $1200 thirty five years ago you could sell it today for about the same price, if not much more. In fact, that old design is being refreshed by the company and is now selling new for $7,695! A little too rich for my blood, though.

And on a day expected to bring a few, here is a very nice photo of a snowflake.

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