Gone dark

A Saturday in the month of May. A violent wind will blow the wires away.

What a disaster,” indeed.

There has been a strange, but welcome, development regarding Darkside, the ransomware affiliate operation. All at once their public-facing servers and CDN’s have been been taken offline and their money has been seized. By whom, we don’t know but apparently the hackers went a little too far in recent days. The group is now saying that it will be closing down operations but more likely they’ll just retreat to a more low-profile mode of doing business.

A fan of the Dead Kennedys growing up, Boston-based Sister Aletheia now promotes death awareness. “Every face becomes a skull,” she reminds us. Cheery thought.

Marc Hurwitz reports on a new Vietnamese restaurant opening on Adams Street in Dorchester, near Park Street, quoting the owner, “You hungry, but can’t pay? Come and eat, and bring the money tomorrow…I have a warm heart, I like to share with friends. It’s how I was raised.” Sounds like a place I’d like to try.

And this makes perfect sense, right?

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