Gondola encore

Saturday. A cold one. RIP, Richard Feynman, McLean Stevenson and Wally Cox.

John Ellement provides us with a nice Valentine first date story.

Boston area Gondola advocates are going to keep throwing proposals against the wall until one of them sticks. And here’s one that might: as a way to get from the Orange Line to the casino. Picture yourself floating peacefully over a moonlight dappled Mystic after a night of burning money in Everett.

A billion dollar wall vs. a five dollar ladder.

It’s been a rough year for local newspapers around the country. Margaret Sullivan writes about the overall problem and Nicholas Lemann goes deeper into how we got here and what could be next.

And if you’re worried about smart devices listening to everything you say, there’s a jamming device that you can wear as a bracelet. And it’s so sleek and fashionable.

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