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Happy Thursday. Stay cool.

Joan Vennochi asks, “Will the Tom Menino model work for Kim Janey?Vennochi doesn’t believe it will. I think it already has.

Paul Hattis parses the latest Mass General Brigham press release on its quarterly financial report. Apparently they’re doing well. But not too well. Not badly. Not great. Somewhere in that zone where they can be making lots of money but keep government regulators at bay while still needing massive Covid relief funds.

Inflation seems to be easing with prices up ‘only’ 5.4% in July over last year. The Council of Economic Advisors tweeted… “One month does not make a trend (monthly inflation slowed in May before rebounding in June), and we know supply constraints persist in various sectors. However, July’s deceleration is encouraging.” Bears watching.

Scorsese’s next movie, Killers of the Flower Moon, will be for Apple TV. He’s already lined up some acting talent. John Lithgow, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, Brendan Fraser and Jesse Plemons, for starters. Hopefully he’ll forgo the CGI this time around.

And I would imagine that this would be a red hot item on Cameo. A customized message from Rudy.

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