The quick fix

Today is Thursday. A nice warm, dry day. Happy birthday to June Lockhart, Eddie Floyd and Carly Simon.

NASA is renaming its headquarters for Mary Jackson, a pioneering African American mathematician and engineer who helped put man on the moon.

The City Council made a lot of noise but passed the city’s FY 2021 budget. Michelle Wu derided the adoption of the budget because it didn’t address advocates’ demand for immediate reform, saying, “It’s a message that they should be satisfied with incremental change.” Actually, I’m a big fan of incremental change. It requires more work, commitment and perseverance, but usually results in more thoughtful and permanent solutions.

People tweeting pseudonymously as cows can now breath a sigh of relief.

Residents of Boston neighborhoods are struggling with an onslaught of fireworks this year. People are becoming traumatized and are desperate for relief. Conspiracy theories are blooming about the government planting the fireworks to unsettle minority populations. But one blogger, a white woman, writes that the fireworks are a “beautiful, playful way for the black community of Boston to shine a light on the inherently oblivious nature of white people exercising privilege.” I guess she doesn’t have a dog or have to get up for work in the morning. File under: inherently oblivious privilege.

And it’s official. Our government is incapable of dealing with a serious pandemic. Changing a lightbulb might even be a challenge at this point.

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