Go Yankees

Is it Wednesday already? Yes it is.

Former intelligence director John Ratcliffe says that the UFOs are coming. Better get Arnold on the phone.

Hugh O’Brien was the first Irish mayor of Boston. That was in 1885. Since then it’s been mostly Irish men as mayor. Christopher Child’s genealogical research reveals that with the exception of John Collins, who had some Scottish ancestors, all of these men had recent family origins in Ireland. Tom Menino broke the Irish hold with great-grandparents who came from Italy. Now as Kim Janey steps into the role, Child looked into her family background. Interestingly, she will be the first mayor since 1930 with a great grandparent born in Massachusetts. So I guess you could say that, after 91 years, a yankee is back in the mayor’s office.

Another day, another mass shooting in Colorado.

Miriam Wasser writes about why a local challenge to the Weymouth natural gas compressor facility is a big deal that could reverberate nationally.

And Windows XP seemed like it was around forever. It was here for only 12 years. Mac OS X, on the other hand, is 20 years old and it seems as good as new.

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