Give me a ticket for an aeroplane

Friday. Expecting some stormy weather today.

There is one movie coming to theaters this summer. Probably. Maybe.

The Cash Refunds for Coronavirus Cancellations Act, working its way through Congress, would mandate cash refunds for airline tickets regardless of who cancelled first. It’s a good idea and it’s good business for airlines to just make the refunds without a law telling them to do so. My own experience with Norwegian Air was a good one. In late March, after I cancelled a flight set for April, they offered a quick cash refund or voucher +20% for a future flight. I took the latter because I trust and want to continue doing business with them.

Nils Lofgren vs. the Brookdale Senior Living facility. A musician takes on the good fight.

There’s a story behind the shapes of some of the buildings in the Leather District and Chinatown. Adam Gaffin looks into the history of the old Atlantic Avenue Elevated Railway and its winding path through the city.

The Dorchester Reporter reports that there’s a move on to merge two defining Dorchester parishes, St. Brendan’s and St. Ann’s. At one time they were both powerful and flourishing religious and social strongholds for their neighborhoods. Now both are struggling and hoping to join forces just to get by.

And, this is what happens when reporters run out of good story ideas.

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