Gentlemen, gentlemen!

Good morning. It’s Wednesday. A windy Wednesday.

In some cases working from home can come with intrusive monitoring.

The first Trump / Biden debate? It was not pretty. The president was childish, aggressive and insolent. Biden’s exasperated jibes risked bringing him down to Trump’s level. Chris Wallace tried to moderate but Trump was out of control and fought at him every step of the way. It was a shit show. And that’s even before considering all the distortions and outright lies thrown about. Not a good look for our political system and its future.

The Pixii camera is a fascinating experiment. A rangefinder with internal memory and no screens that uses the Leica M mount for lenses. Reviewers seem to want to like this camera but at the end of the day it’s not quite ready for prime time. Hopefully, future versions will improve on the concept. It reminds me of the groundbreaking Leica M8, a disappointment when it was released but which ultimately, through ongoing iteration, led to a line of fantastic digital rangefinders.

Starlink is getting an early workout and the reviews are good. First responders in Washington state have been using the system and one of the telecom experts trying it gave the network high marks for ease of use and speed. A good sign.

And I used to enjoy Top of the Hub and the Skywalk for the views of the Back Bay and beyond. But the Skywalk closed and Top of the Hub shut down so those great views of the city were closed off to the public. Fortunately, as Tim Logan tells us, plans are afoot at the Pru for a world class observatory.

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