Gamifying the election

Good morning. It’s Saturday. Up and at ’em.

The Washington Post’s KK Ottesen interviews Marty Walsh.

Who should you vote for in the Boston mayoral election? You could acquaint yourself with the positions staked out by each of the candidates. Or, if that’s too involved, you could just take this pop quiz. Done. Back to Netflix.

The Biden administration wants to launch a massive effort to build up the country’s pandemic preparedness. You know, for the next pandemic. I’m not sure if the scale of this is a good idea or if it’s just the war on terrorism, part 2. Maybe we just need to do what we should have been doing in the first place.

IP-based 911 networks are the best, most modern communications technology for public safety call centers. Unfortunately, in many cases these systems are not ready for prime time. In New Orleans, they weren’t ready – period. AT&T should be accountable for this failure.

And when it comes to camera bags women photographers get no respect. Hillary Grigonis wants that to change.

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