From the T to the sea

Black Monday. Or at least thats what futures indicate.

Bouncing a ping pong ball with any sort of precision is hard for many people (like, for instance, me). There’s a lot of physics happening. But a small robot, put together with only a handfull of ingredients, seems to have no problem. Fascinating to watch.

The Dorchester Reporter reports that the new developers of a project at the Bayside Expo Center are hoping to build a technology hub, with office space, labs and residential units. Lots of open space. And there are plans to leverage research efforts going on at UMass just around the corner. This location has a long history of unfulfilled promise. But this plan appears to be solid, at least in its broad outlines. More details are expected in a future filing.

David Bernstein describes a telling moment in MA legislature. It seems that there’s only one guy making the sausages.

As of March 8th, there were 547 confirmed coronavirus cases in the US. But a computer simulation, “based on transmission dynamics parameters estimated from previous studies and air traffic data from Wuhan”, puts the real number at twice that. Testing is still a problem.

And, in case you were on the fence but need a little push, the listing for the Brady mansion is still active and even has some nice photos and even a video.

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