From the ivory tower

Good morning Saturday. The word of the day is abrupt.

The Wall Street Journal went to the beach. “Six pack abs, red Solo cups, thongs-a-plenty.” Where could it be? Ipanema? Diamond Head? Bondi? Nope, it was M Street beach.

The Globe doesn’t think people are interested in good police work so they don’t report on it. Maybe they’re right, maybe people only want to read the bad stories about the police and don’t want to know about crime around them. But Live Boston is out there covering this stuff. Universal Hub also keeps an eye on crime. One important takeaway is that guns are way too common on the streets and in the hands of young people.

MassNotify is finally up and running. But some Android users are complaining that the app is installing itself without user permission or knowledge. Weird.

Mayoral candidates are airing their ideas for fixing the problems of the Methadone Mile, which was toured by Essaibi-George and a globe photographer. What a mess. It looks like the Long Island bridge is no longer a viable solution. Most candidates are focused on increasing services. Duh. Michelle Wu apparently wants to spread the disfunction out across the city. That might not a great idea for winning over neighborhood voters.

And the budget is back before the City Council, just in time for July 1st.

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