Frenemies forever

Sunday morning. Happy anniversary to Henry and Jane.

You think I’m funny? Funny like a clown? Apparently Russians don’t like oversmilers.

The Globe runs a Sunday edition story about a falling out between the former Mayor and the former Police Commissioner. Old news. Nothing to see here. Move along.

For photojournalists it’s pretty clear: It’s not acceptable to change the content of an image. But for landscape photographers there seems to be more leeway on things like replacing the sky in an image. Is that ethical? I don’t think so. A photograph should represent a thing in the world. Otherwise it’s not a photograph. It’s a photo-illustration.

Forget the locked window dimmers. Boing has stopped delivering their 787 Dreamliner pending an FAA review of a fix for imperfections in the carbon fiber fuselage. It’s not considered a flight safety issue according to the FAA – but it’s something that would make me a little nervous.

And Marques Brownlee tells us why the new, electric Ford F150 Lightning is a really big deal. And a pretty good one, too.

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