Forward pass

Wednesday. The pinnacle of the week. And the first day of September.

Ross Barkan recapitulates the fall of newspapers before tearing into the current state of social media-driven prestige journalism. A brutal take.

Cam, we hardly knew ye. Well, that’s not really true. Tara Sullivan writes about how much fun it was to cover Cam Newton. Chad Finn sees the calculation in Belichick’s decision to release him and Ben Violin looks forward to the Mac Jones era.

According to Apartment List, the Boston-Worcester-Manchester area is in the top ten list of US regions with the most super commuters, defined as people who drive 90 minutes or more to work each day. I’m just glad I’m not one of them.

Live Boston does a great job with crime reporting and especially with their on-the-scene photographs. But they need to brush up on their gang turf boundaries. I’ve been out of the mix for a while but since when is Sonoma or Maple Street part of H-Block? Humboldt, Harrishof, Holworthy, Harold. That’s H-Block.

And speaking of knowing your turf, Tom Acitelli wrote an article for Curbed Boston aimed at newcomers to the region that nails the local neighborhood scene. As a nitpicker, I’m impressed. Not something you see everyday.

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