Forward looking

Monday. It’s Bob Dylan‘s birthday. Also, Queen Victoria‘s.

Much of the country will see a blood red full moon later this week. Unfortunately, here in the northeast we won’t experience the full eclipse. But here’s where it will be visible.

I doubt that the feeding frenzy of negative stories in the Globe about the BPD is over, but today the paper has three surprisingly nuanced, multi-sided pieces about the department’s problems, including thoughts on how to move forward from here. Rachael Rollins sticks up for Acting Commissioner Greg Long, Adrian Walker suggests that the search for a new commissioner should be more thoughtful, and less parochial, and Chuck Wexler looks at how a past leader in the department changed the culture. Meanwhile… not a word.

Crypto took a nosedive over the weekend. Short-term volatility is just part of the deal in this space. Now some coins seem to be recovering.

A tragedy in northern Italy. I’ve always felt confident riding in cable cars in that part of the world but now I’ll think twice. 14 dead. The car usually holds 35 but the capacity was reduced because of Covid restrictions.

And a UK drug dealer‘s love of Stilton cheese led to his demise. It’s a very English situation.

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