Green money

Sunday. The end of the week-end.

Kevin Roose writes about Helium, the crypto network that’s also a wireless network.

Should the US move to a digital currency? The Federal Reserve is thinking about what that would look like and the Boston Fed is working with MIT to hammer out details. There are many good reasons to do so. But it would also eventually lead to the abolition of non-identifiable transactions. No more cash deals. Everything would be on the books. We’re pretty close to that point now but formalizing it, and the privacy implications that would bring, might be too much for some people.

Speaking of the Fed, there could be hard times ahead for tech companies if interest rates are hiked. Facebook’s recent devaluation could just be the beginning of a larger trend.

Thom Dunn reports that, thanks to NFT‘s, you can now buy and own a color. Then if anyone uses that color they’ll have to pay you. St. Patrick’s Day is coming. I’m going to clean up on #4CBB17.

And meanwhile in the Metaverse, the “Bored Ape Yacht Club has amassed over $1 billion in total volume and announced a mobile play-and-earn game, while fellow primate projects, CyberKongz and SmolBrains continue to announce and integrate new gamification features to their collections.” You know you’re old when the real world becomes indistinguishable from poorly-written dystopian fiction.

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