Fools rush in

Monday, the 8th of June, 2020. Today is the anniversary of 1984.

How do you read a science paper? With a grain of salt and dash of social media verification.

Calls to defund the police to the point of elimination are a bridge too far for most people (not to mention a potential Republican talking point.) It’s a bad idea. I’ve seen Camden, NJ held up as place where it actually happened, but Camden was more of a city-to-county reorganization. There are more cops in Camden now, not less.

80% of the country thinks things are out of control. Sounds about right. The president wants to address the nation in a televised speech to talk about race and unity. This should be interesting. I can almost hear advisors begging and pleading, “stick to the teleprompter.” But, you know…

Tim Kirk reports on a march in Dublin to honor George Floyd.

There are two more articles today looking at police unions, one from The New Yorker and the other from the Huffington Post.

And the treasure of the Rocky Mountains has been found. Eureka!

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