Flattening the curve

Good morning. It’s Wednesday. Happy birthday to Vannevar Bush, Lawrence Welk and Shemp Howard.

How bad is traffic in the Boston area? We’re number 1!

US Coronavirus cases are up to just over 1000. That doesn’t seem like such a big deal in a country with hundreds of millions of people. But the number was 547 just four days ago, 233 two days before that and only 35 a couple of weeks ago. It is increasing exponentially and the important question is, where does it level out? The answer is, of course, complicated. This short video might help you wrap your head around it. The last slide is key.

Unfortunately we’re still not testing as much as other countries so any numbers we have aren’t as reliable as they could be. For those who compare the new virus numbers to the flu and wonder why things are being cancelled, the chart in this story might provide your answer. A bulge in cases, especially from a super-spreading event, could overwhelm the healthcare system. This has already happened in Italy where hospitals are under siege.

I referred to the virus as a black swan the other day. I’m told it is actually a gray rhino because we should have seen it coming.

This morning the Globe tells us all about – but doesn’t show or even link to – new NASA satellite photos of Cape Cod in the spring. Here are those NASA Photos.

And a court has cleared Led Zeppelin of charges that they plagiarized the opening riff of Stairway to Heaven, overturning a previous ruling that they had. The forests will echo with laughter.

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