Flash in the pan

A bright Sunday morning. The last day of the first month of the new year.

This meme went around in the fall when there were long lines at testing sites. It was funny because it was true and now it is true.

Michael Santoli says that the social-media-driven market activity from last week was a blip. It won’t persist and certainly won’t impact the larger stock market. Those sound like famous last words. Morgan Housel sees GameStop as the anti-Sears. Sebastian Mallaby defends the establishment. Politicians are on their soapboxes and the regulators will be coming. Just like they did for onions.

Aaron Dale and Emily Norton believe that a career as a wastewater operator is the way to go. Young man, I have one word for you: sewage.

There are too many satellites now and new ones are being launched all the time. I’m exited about the Starlink array but it’s also part of the problem. The UN is in charge of maintaining order up there, so there’s that.

And Geoff Edges talks to the other Davies brother of Kinks fame. What ever happened to that little green amp?

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