Fixing potholes

Monday, April 5th. Kurt Cobain, Alan Ginsburg and Saul Bellow all died on this date.

Airlines and hotels have reduced their capacities. Post-pandemic demand for travel is about to surge. Supply, meet demand. Travellers should prepare for higher prices.

Kim Janey is out in the street, attending events and making appearances as the acting mayor. Danny McDonald interviewed a bunch of political insiders and they all agree that if she does run for the job (which, of course she will) that this visibility will give her an edge over the other candidates. They point to the similar situation that Tom Menino was in as acting mayor when Ray Flynn left to take a job in the Clinton Administration. But Tom Menino had a hook. He was the urban mechanic and he used his time as acting mayor to demonstrate that he could be effective in that role. It was what differentiated him from the other candidates. Janey will need more than just higher visibility. She’ll need a hook to make her stand out from the crowd.

Still no inspection stickers. Applus is quiet. The RMV is deflecting. Not a good situation.

Its original name was Harbor Lights. The list of artists that performed there includes Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder, Van Morrison, Radiohead and Billie Eilish. Later, the name of the place was changed to Bank of Boston Pavilion. Then BankBoston Pavilion. Then Fleet Bank Pavilion. Then Bank of America Pavilion… Blue Hills Bank Pavilion… Rockland Trust Pavilion. Now it has a new name, the Leader Bank Pavilion. Maybe we should just call it the increasingly more obscure financial institution music venue. IMOFIMV. It would be easier to remember.

And how long would it take to walk all the way around the moon? Of course someone has done the calculations.

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