Fixing it right

Thursday. April 1st. No fooling. And we’ll get some rain for the flowers.

Not a fan of Brutalist buildings? Maybe you’re just looking at them wrong.

The Biden administration is proposing a massive transportation infrastructure initiative. A billion here, a billion there. We know about these things in Massachusetts. And James Aloisi, a veteran of the Big Dig, likes the Biden plan.

According to a review by Ally Jarmanning, body cameras are not catching on among police agencies in Massachusetts. Expense is a big reason. One of the original proponents of cameras for the Boston Police, Shekia Scott, is now having second thoughts, wondering whether the benefits justify the costs of the cameras.

Home and business networking equipment maker Ubiquiti announced that it had suffered a data breach. Brian Krebs now reports that a whistleblower is alleging that the breach was much worse than the company is admitting.

And forget vodka, exercise or the Mediterranean diet. The secret to a long life is baked Alaska. Also, maybe, a little champagne.

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