Feeding time

Friday. It’s a wrap.

We’re number two! (Drats! Beaten by New Jersey.)

Sometimes a windfall comes with headaches. The Governor wants to divvy up $5 billion in federal assistance with the legislature. Legislators want it all. Baker is ready to start spending. He’s identified a number of critical needs that can be addressed quickly. Lawmakers want to be more “deliberate” with the money, spending it over time. Meanwhile, groups who haven’t been targeted for any of the funds are already complaining.

One password. That’s all that was protecting some of New York’s most confidential data.

I thought we had completely decoded the human genome. I was wrong. Actually, there was about 8% of our DNA that scientists put aside because it was extra challenging to decode and it wasn’t thought to be all that important. Now they’ve completed that last bit and scientists are sorting through it with the hope of finding something interesting.

And you could do worse than accepting book recommendations from David Deutsch.


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