Fearing fear itself

Friday. Today is World Plumbing Day.

Some members of the People’s Convoy—who’s stated intention was to create traffic jams—are disappointed that motorists in the DC area are not welcoming them, but instead flipping them off. “We go around the Beltway, birds are flying. Birds are flying everywhere. That’s the kind of people that live up there.”

Sure, there’s a lot going on these days. We’ve just come out of a pandemic. War is raging in Ukraine. Russia is blustering over nuclear weapons. Gas is expensive. Inflation is rising. The country is politically polarized. So it’s no wonder that people are stressed, right? But really, back in the sixties… There were lines at the gas pumps. Fuel was so expensive people put locks on their gas caps to prevent it from being siphoned. We had a war going on in Vietnam for which any one of us could be drafted and sent to die in the jungle. There was a cold war. The world was on the brink of nuclear annihilation. The President was killed by a sniper! MKL and RFK were shot. Inflation was rising. There were riots in the streets, bombings, kidnappings and domestic terrorism. A quiet time. Despite all of this I don’t remember people being as stressed then as they are now. But then again, we didn’t have social media or a hyper-speed breaking news cycle reminding us about it all every second of the day. Old guy, just sayin.

Tilting at windmills. Literally.

That big influx of federal assistance cash will only help the MBTA in the short term. Once it’s gone things are going to start breaking down again.

And it’s ‘game on’ for the Mayor’s Cup street hockey tournament, coming in April. It’ll be played at Garvey Playground in Neponset so no one will have to be on the look out for CARS!.

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