Banishing the snakes

It’s Tuesday. March 10th already. In 1876, in Boston, Alexander Graham Bell made a telephone call to his assistant, Thomas Watson.

John Clayton lists a few options for Tom Brady.

Universal Hub is tracking many of the Boston area event cancellations, including the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and breakfast. The website for the Situate parade is boldly proclaiming that the event is still on. New York’s parade is also still scheduled to take place according to Mayor de Blasio. We’ll see. The St. Patrick’s breakfast on Capitol Hill hasn’t been cancelled but the president is skipping it because it’s being hosted by Nancy Pelosi and he’s mad at her. Yascha Mounk, writing in The Atlantic, says we should just cancel everything.

This tweet by Trump is …weird. Either he is blissfully unaware of the whole idea of Nero fiddling while Rome burnt or he’s mocking us all. Very strange.

Mortgage payments are suspended in Italy. And companies like Microsoft and Amazon, along with Italian telecoms and publishers, are stepping up by offering free services for people homebound in the red zone.

Boston Magazine provides coronavirus etiquette tips, as only Boston Magazine can.

Both Starbucks and Dunk’s have stopped filling reusable coffee cups. At Starbucks you can, at least, still get the discount if you bring your cup.

And John Krasinski instructs Stephen Colbert in the fine points of a Boston accent. May the faarce be with you.

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