…Especially about the future

Sunday morning, The 22nd of November. Just 29 days left until winter begins.

What’s going on with bitcoin these days? The folks at Forbes say it’s going to hit and break through an all time high. Crypto is slowly gaining traction and reach as it becomes more secure and scaleable. Some of that is due to companies like Chainalysis, which will in turn prosper.

Anthony Fauci talks common sense to Elisabeth Rosenthal. He thinks we’ll be back to normal by this time next year thanks to the vaccines announced last week. Here’s what that twelve months might look like. It will be nice to get out of this year of uncertainty. But in the meantime, continue to wear your mask.

It’s been a tough year for police departments. And for victims of rising violence.

“No pictures! Silencio.” It’s true that a Japanese company bought the exclusive photo and video rights to the art in the Sistine Chapel. But don’t blame them for the surly security guards that won’t let you take a pictures. That deal never included tourist photos. And that exclusive deal expired years ago anyway. These days the Vatican just chooses to restrict picture taking, which is a shame.

And it’s no wonder that we’re all losing our grip on objective reality. It’s not just fake news, it’s fake everything!

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