Escalate to deescalate

Merry Tuesday. I think.

Here we go again with Parcel P3. Someday. Someday.

After Hiroshima, nuclear weapons became bigger and much more destructive. Then they started getting smaller and more tactical. Will Russia consider using a small tactical nuke in the Ukraine standoff? Ulrich Kühn is a nuclear expert at the University of Hamburg. “It feels horrible to talk about these things,” he told the Times. “But we have to consider that this is becoming a possibility.”

There’s an interesting back story to the two-hour warning we had of that small asteroid strike off Greenland earlier this month—with implications for detecting future ones.

Reports are that Russia is preparing a wider cyber attack. US companies have been put on alert.

And if you were in DC yesterday, you got to see peak cherry blossoms. If you had planned to go next week when they were supposed to be at their height, sorry, you missed the boat.

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