The Endless Summer

A Saturday. On this date the SS Andrea Doria collided with the MS Stockholm just south of Nantucket. Also, Bob Dylan went electric at Newport.

Boston is losing one of its best murals. Hopefully it can be recreated at another location.

Coronavirus roundup: There were over 73,000 new cases in the US yesterday. South Africa is braced for the worst. Experts are struggling with predictions for when infections will peak. 13 elderly nuns in a Michigan convent died from Covid-19, but a nursing home in Baltimore seems to have beaten the odds. There are still problems with supplies. And Dr. Fauci is in a NYT crossword. He’s also in a Sinclair News propaganda video being accused of actually creating the virus. I need a new planet.

I don’t always agree with David Brooks but sometimes he hits it out of the park. This is one of those times.

What could possibly go wrong in the November election? Garrett Graff lists 8 things.

Bill Forry provides a list of potential names for the new consolidated St. Ann/St. Brendan parish. I like St. John Paul II Parish but there are other strong contenders.

And the quantum Internet is coming. But not as soon as this article implies.

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