End of a misadventure

It’s Monday. Let’s do this.

Another day, another T-Mobile data breach. This one seems big.

Fox News is apoplectic with the Biden administration over US troops leaving Afghanistan. Maybe they forgot that it was the Trump administration that signed the agreement mandating that it happen. Biden owns it now, though, and there are valid questions about how the withdrawal was executed. Twenty years, spanning Republican and Democratic administrations, of building up the Afghan forces, only to see them collapse in twenty hours. That was not money, time and American lives well spent.

Reasons to be cheerful: Kevin Kelly is bullish on optimism.

Last month the Globe ran a story about mayoral candidate Essaibi George’s husband’s real estate business. It also mentioned, in one small paragraph, warning letters sent to John Barros and Michelle Wu over not registering rental properties. Now, it turns out, Kim Janey also failed to register rental properties. The Globe didn’t report that. She didn’t get a warning letter because, well, she’s the acting Mayor. It’s not that big of a deal but she should have followed the regular process and sent herself a letter and she now admits that. But I think the Globe is overplaying the whole thing now simply because they missed it in the original story.

And duct tape. Don’t take off without it.

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