Elbows flying

A fine Thursday it is. Rossini’s The Barber of Seville was premiered on this day in 1816. (Not to be confused with the Barber of the Upper West Side. )

South Korea may be the new jumping off point for the coronavirus.

The Nevada debate was quite a show. Bloomberg obviously was uncomfortable and unprepared for the intensity of the attacks against him. Warren seemed a little too focused on scoring points. Sanders sloganeered. Biden didn’t sound bad but was generally ignored. Klobuchar staggered under assaults on her record. And Buttigieg? I think he actually did a pretty good job. I was rooting for Bloomberg but was pleasantly surprised by Buttigieg. But it’s just one debate. More to come.

I remember when email was fun. For about ten minutes.

The new hands-free driving law goes into effect this Sunday. Here are some do’s and don’t’s from the Globe. And a few more from WBUR.

And Weird Al never gets old. Or less weird.

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