Either, or, or neither

It’s a marvelous March Monday.

It’s pothole season—and not just in the city. I’ve been dodging some huge craters while on the bike down in cranberry country.

Lawrence Freedman has another good post, this time on how the war is playing out, both in space and time. At the end of the day no one really knows what’s going to happen next. “The pre-war assumptions of a modernised and efficient Russian army that would soon overwhelm the outgunned Ukrainians have now been jettisoned,” he writes, “but it remains difficult to accept the contrary assumption that this is a war that the Russians might lose.”

Petro-politics is making a comeback. Old enemies are new friends.

It’s pretty crazy that your iPhone can take amazing photos with such a small camera. And it’s not just all that software correction, either. Check out this lens design.

And I’ve certainly benefited from some privileges over the years, but not this one.

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