Eggs in one basket

Happy Wednesday. Ulysses is 100 years old today.

Devra First writes about breakfast cereal the way Tom Wolfe wrote about New York society. A nice treat on a dreary morning.

Bruce Mohl reports on the current fragility of the New England power grid. The power companies bet big on the natural gas pipeline from Canada to Massachusetts. But that plan was thwarted when Maine voters rejected running it through their state. New technology that would help bridge the gap is years away. For now, if we want to keep the lights on, the only options we’re left with are building more transmission lines, bigger LNG terminals and using more No.2 oil. And wearing more sweaters.

If you thought people were driving worse than usual, lately, you might be on to something.

Andrea Campbell, as expected, is running for Attorney General to replace Maura Healey, who is running for governor. And just like that, she’s the front runner. Campbell was one of the most effective and hard working city councillors in Boston so I expect she would make a very good AG.

And Super Sunday is not only about football. There are also puppies.

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