Dumb and dumber

Of course it’s Friday. Why wouldn’t it be Friday.

Did you watch the president’s briefing yesterday? In the immortal words of George W. Bush, that was some weird shit.

Are people getting stupider or is it just me? Read some of the quotes from the protesters outside Charlie Baker’s house. And the photos from the protest tell their own story. Lots of Trump signs. No masks. People gathered in clusters. Yup. That’s just great.

In a dispatch from Wicklow, Larry Donnelly gives kudos to the political leadership in Ireland who, he says, are particularly suited to dealing with a crisis like this. The Prime Minister, in fact, is a medical doctor who takes time out each week to teleconference with patients. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have someone who knows a little about medicine in charge.

In an article up on STAT, Matthew Herper wonders why we’re stumbling with randomized control trials for potential Covid-19 treatments.

And if you’re missing book readings, the Brookline Booksmith is providing virtual events with authors at least through May.

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