Duck, dodge, hide

It’s Friday the 3rd. On this day in 1977 Apple Computer Inc. was incorporated and in 2009 the first bitcoin block was laid down.

There’s quite a bit of scuttlebut that Saturday’s game could the last for Brady and Belichick (at least as Patriots). Don’t buy it.

In an episode that could have been directed by Jules White, a guy broke into City Hall and police went looking for him after he had fled outside. With cops canvasing the area he decided to hide nearby until things quieted down. His plan was foiled when the best place he could think of to hide was the back of an empty prisoner transport wagon parked nearby.

Travelex, the money exchange kiosk you see in airports, has been taken offline after a malware attack.

The team at ProPublica and Reply All did a great story a while back on deceptive marketing by Intuit for Turbo Tax, and how it’s all based on a non-compete deal with the IRS. That deal is finally dead.

And works from 1924, previously covered by copyright, are now in the public domain. They include A Passage to India, Rhapsody in Blue and Tarzan and the Ant Men.

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