Down the rabbit hole

It’s Wednesday. Happy World Bee Day!

One stimulus check isn’t going to stretch for three months of mortgage/rent payments. The Washington Post looks at what’s in store for New England as peoples’ savings draw down.

This is why I love reading Universal Hub. A mystery photo post gives rise to a discussion thread about everything from the ice cream wars (with all the expected bad puns) to a victim of the Boston Strangler to a fight over anti-war buttons in the 60’s.

A judge is allowing a salvage company, over the objections of NOAA, to remove the Marconi set from the wreck of the Titanic. Other than describing it as a historically important artifact, it’s unclear why the company wants to bring the equipment to the surface. The entire wreck is a historically important artifact, after all.

Bob Locher writes about photography as a religion. It’s a nice essay. I’m not as spiritual about it as he is, but I do share his view that there’s something special about using a camera to capture a moment in time.

And Farhad Manjoo, who usually writes about tech, has turned pessimistic about the world. Some days I can relate but mostly I’m hopeful about the future. In any case, Manjoo wants to talk to readers on the phone about what they think. It’s an interesting approach.

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