Doubling time

Happy Sunday. We lost an hour. Don’t forget to set your clocks.

Sleeping as entertainment. It’s the Truman Show. Once again life imitates art.

In Massachusetts, health insurance will now cover the full costs of testing and treatment of coronavirus per instructions from the state Division of Insurance. Handshakes and hugs are on hold. A Malaysian news site reported that the Vatican confirmed Pope Francis had tested positive. Not true. But the numbers continue to grow in Italy as the entire region of Lombardy is going into lockdown. How effective it will be is yet to be seen. In MA there are now 13 cases of over 400 confirmed in the US. To project into the future Liz Specht ran the numbers, which are doubling every 6-10 days or so -and it looks pretty grim. This is especially true for hospitals, as this leaked slide shows.

Last week South Carolina was make-or-break for Joe Biden. This week Michigan is that for Sanders.

Those liberals and their fancy coffee. Ben Adler reviews a book by Kristin B. Tate that has a weird premise. Tate, he says, believes people are fleeing thriving blue cities like Boston and New York because of failed liberal policies. And, she complains, they’re moving to less-desirable red cities and bringing their wacky liberal ways with them, making those cites less less-desirable. Huh? I know correlation doesn’t always equal causation but the pattern of ‘thriving blue cities’ and ‘less desirable red cities’ is what stands out for me.

And the Globe ran a story about a fatal crash in Wales MA. Had to look it up. As a lifelong resident of the state I had never heard of the town of Wales. I guess it must be a nice quiet place.

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