Doomed to repeat

Saturday morning. Clouds giving way to sun. A heliacal day.

San Francisco has taken a laissez faire attitude towards shoplifting, both legally and socially. Can you guess how that might be working out?

Today is the anniversary of a “breakdown of reasoned discourse” that left a Massachusetts Senator on death’s door and accelerated the polarization of the country leading into civil war. Imagine politicians acting in such a way.

Stephen Diehl believes that cryptocurrency is to blame for the ransomware wave because it can be untraceable. I think that was supposed to be a feature, not a bug.

Jellyfish in Walden Pond? Thoreau would have been grossed-out.

And Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are racing each other to become the biggest, best billionaire space baron that money can buy. Just like Cosmo Spacely and W.C. Cogswell. Life imitates cartoons.

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