Doomed to repeat

Happy Wednesday. It’s a birthday for Amos Tversky and Jerry Lewis.

We could send a man to the moon but we couldn’t make a good rideable robotic mountain goatuntil now. (So much to enjoy here, from the frenetic music to the woman waving to the crowd of photographers.)

Ed Markey, among others, submitted a bill to make Daylight Savings Time permanent year round. The Senate passed it. I’m on the fence. At the very least I’d miss the seasonal ritual. This idea was tried before, back during the energy crisis of the 1970’s. It was a popular idea then, too. Almost 80% of Americans were in favor of year-round DST at the time. Nixon signed it into law and in 1974 it went into effect. But within 4 months the country turned against it and by the end of the year the law was reversed and we went back to seasonal time.

Lingling Wei takes a look at China‘s economic position, both domestically and internationally, and how alignment with Russia complicates things for Xi Jinping. Europe is also taking notice.

Russia has responded to US sanctions by sanctioning a number of current and former US officials. The list of former officials that they’re going after seems to be narrowly selected. Apparently they’re targeting their enemies and sparing their allies.

And now the robots are making robots. This is how it begins.

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