Doctor, Doctor, give me the news

A snowy mid-April Saturday morning. Paul Revere rides tonight.

Louisa Thomas writes about what it’s like to miss Marathon Day in Boston.

Dr. Drew, Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil are in heavy rotation on TV. Are these really the guys we want informing us in the middle of a pandemic?

Maybe it’s because I’m old and hanging on to outdated expectations of how a president should behave but these tweets seem not only dangerous but borderline seditious to an old coot like me.

Here’s a follow-up on the food supply issues that I mentioned yesterday. It’s not just the meat processing plants that are having problems.

The Guardian has singled out Charlie Baker as one of a handful of US governors who has stepped up in the crisis. They note his empathy, pragmatism and persistence.

And now that the days have started blending into one another it may be a good time to watch Groundhog Day. Again.

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