Do as I say

Happy Friday. It’s Mole Day.

Fungie the dolphin, who entertained visitors to Dingle Bay for many years, is missing.

Freedom of Information requests are a huge pain for people who work in government. They’re labor intensive and expensive, taking staff time from other tasks when there’s more to do and less time to do it. But that’s the deal, right? That’s the price of transparency in government. At least it is in some parts of the government.

And speaking of special treatment; no overseas traveling for you. But for people like Brad Pitt and Kylie Jenner it’s easy to skip to the head of the quarantine line.

A Dutch hacker thought he had guessed @realdonaldtrump’s Twitter password: maga2020!. Maybe he did but there’s some skepticism about how much access he got to the account.

And this is how we treated a cold back in 1955. We’ve come a long way since then. (We have iPhones and AirPods now, instead of books and bedside radios.)

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