Divided we fall

Wednesday. The hump of a long week.

It’s Veterans Day. Many businesses are offering deals for those who served. Also, veterans and Gold Star families now have lifetime passes to national parks. That’s great news. I’ll have to dig out my DD214.

This Brookings analysis of the political divide after the election says it all. We should just settle in for continued partisan sniping across the divide, more government gridlock and increased economic stagnation. The thing that most people, on both sides, don’t realize, is that this situation is unsustainable for the country as we know it.

Watch Dave Grohl get his butt handed to him by a ten year old girl.

I must have missed the tweet on this one. A watchdog group was invited by the Trump administration to observe the election and not only did they not see any serious irregularities, they gave the process high marks. (Reported by the Wall Street Journal.)

And do you really need another t-shirt? For compulsive online shoppers the new excuse is ‘the AI made me do it.’

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