Devil in the details

Today is Wednesday. It’s a good day to wear green.

The Globe has a story on pickled peppers just in case you’re predisposed to pick a peck.

The Justice Department is switching over to incident-based national crime reporting for this year. Much more detailed information is provided to the FBI by local police under the new system. The New York Times dipped its toes into the story but there’s a lot more to the transition than they can cover in a quick overview. In any case, Boston, unlike New York, Chicago and New Orleans, has already updated its police data systems to be able to report more detailed crime information for the new format.

Chris Matyszczyk wonders why Apple is encouraging you to mistreat your phone.

Samsung is warning that the semiconductor shortage will impact its businesses. Car manufacturers have already sounded the alarm on the shortage.

And toss that morning coffee. This new morning drink from Mountain Dew has lots of caffeine and all sorts of nutrients. And, I’m guessing, it will make a great whiskey chaser.

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