Destructive criticism

This Friday took its time coming around. Plenty of rain, today, for the garden.

I found this short video illustration to be absolutely fascinating and it explains a lot about our country.

Sometimes being completely uninvolved with and uninformed about an issue doesn’t disqualify you from critically weighing in on it. I do it everyday. But knowing the players here, I side with Walsh. Councillor Wu has a track record of being hands-off and then swooping in to publicly criticize.

The University of Oxford and AstraZeneca are ahead in the race for a Covid-19 vaccine. Human trials might be finished as early as September. Bloomberg looks at the woman heading the effort, Sarah Gilbert.

John Hollywood, from the RAND think tank, has compiled a set of ideas for how police leaders should approach change to be more effective and responsive to their communities. Fortunately Boston has been working on this track for some time now.

That epic Twitter hack earlier in the week may have looked like a bitcoin scam but could it have actually been a dress rehearsal for the election? Brian Krebs and others investigated and amazingly identified the likely perpetrator. Luckily, this time at least, it looks to have been just a sim-swapper.

And small businesses, some that have withstood formidable challenges over the years, are closing because of the impact of coronavirus. Sometimes a meme says it all.

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