Saturday. The weekend is here.

The Globe looks at who may now be coming out of the woodwork to run for mayor. And a few who have indicated they won’t.

Twitter has extended its suspension of @donaldtrump. It’s now permanent. Facebook has done the same. This follows the suspension of the social media accounts of other right wing figures. Trump is reportedly moving to Parler and Apple is considering removing that app from its store. Google already has. Reddit has closed down a number of popular Trump-related subs. His campaign email provider has also terminated his account. My first reaction to all this was ‘what took you so long?’ But I’m also worried that it might play into, and amplify, the conspiratorial paranoia floating around out there.

It appears that some of the mob who invaded the Capitol Building had plans that went beyond smearing poop and posing for Instagram. Guys with guns, Molotov cocktails and flex cuffs point to a more serious end game. That’s how a mob mentality works. One minute unwitting folks are posing in front of a statue. They get caught up in the moment as someone leads a chant of ‘America First’ and ‘hang Mike Pence.’ Then out come the flex cuffs and before you know it someone is actually getting hanged. It’s a good thing it never got to that point. Capitol police did (at the cost of at least two lives and many police injuries) manage to protect members of congress from the mob. But it seemed like that’s where things were heading.

Did Adam Christian Johnson manage to get that lectern back to his home in Florida? Checked luggage? Doesn’t matter. He’s going to jail.

And with everything else going on, it’s nice to focus on bathrobes for a change. Here are some good ones.

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