Deja Vu all over again

Today is Sunday. Look for a Super Moon late this afternoon.

Think you can spot a lying liar? Think again.

Just when you start to believe things are getting better, with vaccine availability improving and new case numbers beginning to trend down, all of a sudden the numbers are rising again and experts are warning about another surge. And then there’s Brazil. Scary and discouraging.

Scientists are considering geoengineering the atmosphere by releasing material to block the sun. What could possibly go wrong?

Is coffee killing us? Researchers want to marshall artificial intelligence to find out. What’s the point? We drink a lot of it now and we enjoy it and it’s not obvious that it’s harmful in anyway. So why go looking for a problem?

And some companies are offering Zoom-free Fridays as an employee perk. Does that mean you have to come into the office? Doesn’t sound like much of a perk to me.

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