Degrees of freedom

Friday on my mind. Beans on the plate.

Making plans for the Forth? Stay home. There’s always next year.

In Massachusetts, Phase 3 starts on Monday (in the city it will begin on July 13.) It took a relatively quick six weeks to get here from Phase 1. The governor says Phase 3 could last for quite a while though, possibly until a vaccine is available and we can move into ‘the new normal‘ of Phase 4. By most measures Massachusetts is doing well. But apparently not well enough for Maine to let us across the Piscataqua, at least not without a vacation-length quarantine. Which is crazy because they really do need the tourism.

Martha Bebinger shows us a day in the life of a contract tracer, much of which is spent trying to keep quarantined people in their homes.

Travel writer Elizabeth Heath suggests micro cruises as a safer alternative to the large overcrowded cruise lines. The only problem is that most small cruises operate somewhere in the European Union and travel restrictions exclude Americans. (I wonder why.)

And it turns out that Stephen Pinker is a pretty good photographer.

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