Davy Jones Locker

Good day Sunday. Happy birthday to Robert Mitchum and Andy Warhol.

Vox covers the story of the demise and rescue of Stars and Stripes.

I noticed a headline recently that read, “Hero pilot ‘Sully’ warns America that Trump is heading for a crash.” So when I later saw a story with a title about Trump boats sinking I assumed that it was another cheesy metaphor about the campaign. But I was wrong. Boats were actually sinking. I guess those Trump flotilla boat owners didn’t see which way the wind was blowing. And how strongly.

In his yearly blog post, John Siracusa reviews chef’s knives, toaster ovens and ice cream scoops. So you don’t have to.

Remember when webcams were a thing? There are still some out there and the Boston Irish Reporter alerts us to one on O’Connell Street in Dublin, near the Spire, pointed towards the river. Looks like it’s raining.

And Sunday morning is as good a time as any to link to an article about Chekhov. The plays are sublime but his short stories are his real masterpieces.

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