Damned if you don’t

Today is Thursday. Happy birthday to Billy Preston and Joe Simon.

Lotus sports cars are not a common sight on the road. That may be changing.

The Janey campaign can’t be too happy with the Globe’s framing of her lack of participation in campaign forums. I could easily have seen this story being a negative one if she had participated in all of of those events to the detriment of her official duties. So which is worse? Meanwhile the councillors campaigning full time while holding office pretty much get a pass.

States like Massachusetts are dragging their feet when it comes to allowing drivers licenses and state IDs to be stored on an iPhone. There are good reasons to be cautious. Each time you use your license/ID, that is a transaction. Currently, that physical transaction usually isn’t logged anywhere. As an electronic transaction it would be. So some privacy diligence would be called for. If that’s why Massachusetts isn’t on the list of early adopters that would be OK. But if it’s due to technical incompetence or bureaucratic inertia, that would be another story.

A presumably older viewer with imperfect vision wrote in to TV critic Matthew Gilbert complaining about characters texting in shows. That reminded me of the dialog in Only Murders in the Building, when Steve Martin and Martin Short are confused about whether to call or text Selena Gomez’ character. “Phone calls seem to upset them.”

And speaking of them, incoming freshmen are usually an optimistic bunch. They won’t be a voting factor for some years to come but the results of this poll are an interesting look at the future.

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