Damned if you do/don’t

Tuesday. Today’s word is peruse.

On May 29th, Governor Baker will end Covid Restrictions in Massachusetts, months earlier than expected. Only two weeks left for wearing masks in Boston. I’m not going to miss the fogged glasses and constantly tripping over my feet.

For good or bad, not much goes on at higher levels of the Boston Police Department without City Hall having a guiding hand in it, especially on legal and labor issues. It hasn’t always been that way but that’s the way it’s been for the last half dozen years. And here we are. Now, the one guy holding things together operationally at the BPD, a very capable person who probably doesn’t want the top job anyway, is getting blamed for doing what the team at City Hall told him to do. That doesn’t seem fair. And meanwhile, back at the ranch.

Initially a skeptic, NYT health writer Donald McNeil is giving the China lab-leak theory another, deeper look on his personal blog.

Apple is promoting it’s new lossless music service as a big improvement is the quality of the sound. But it can’t be that big a deal if the company’s own listening devices (Airpods, headphones, Homepods, etc.) won’t be able to use it. Huh?

And UFOs are in the news again thanks to 60 Minutes and a congressional report due next month. Can’t wait.

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