Dammed if you don’t

It’s a hot, sleepy Sunday. And it’s Ice Cream Day!

Of course he did.

The Globe casts a critical eye on Boston Police internal affairs investigations after reviewing data from the last few years. The article briefly touched on arbitrator-ordered reinstatements but didn’t acknowledge the huge financial disincentive that the stacked-deck arbitration system presents. Even a very strong case of discipline can be kicked back by an arbitrator resulting in a payout of millions of dollars to the fired officer for back pay and benefits. It’s not a great situation. But one chart in the story stood out. It showed citizen complains going steadily down while internally initiated investigations were going up. That’s the (positive) meta trend.

The Times has a long and detailed article on White House strategy development for the ultimately unsuccessful national response to the pandemic. TLDR: They zigged when they should have zagged.

The Mayflower II should be headed back to Plymouth before the end of 2020, which marks the 400th anniversary of the arrival of its namesake. (And in the same article, by Breanne Kovatch, I learned that there is a website to track boats, similar to Flight Radar 24 for tracking airplanes. Very cool. There goes my morning.)

And Boston Magazine gives us the axe. To throw.

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